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I have been attending track events for over 5 years now. In that time I’ve run with several clubs but always find my time with the PBOC group special. I appreciate your approach to running the events, the incredible amount of track time, and always feel like I’m among “friends” at every event. Thanks for a great experience!

Rod Hatfield

We have been attending the PBOC Winterfest for years. This was our 2014 Class win. The most well run, best and most fun racing anywhere. See you in January!

John Lettieri

I’ve been driving on track with PBOC for several years and it's always great. Sensible run groups and rules mean I can drive alongside cars of a similar pace, safe in the knowledge that someone isn’t going to attempt to overtake me somewhere they shouldn’t, or without my nod.

It’s great having a variety of people and cars, not just Porsches. The instructors are brilliant, giving useful instruction until you’re ready to drive solo, and most importantly, keeping everybody safe.

Briana Gowen

Four years ago, after acquiring a 92′ turbo 911 track car RWB, with the assistance of the folks at Foreign Affairs, I put this car on the track and also thanks to them I was introduced to the actual sport and as of today a PBOC instructor. Thanks again.

Ray J Corral

I am from Brazil and was looking for a place to drive in Januray 2016. Found about PBOC’s Winterfest, Everything was fantastic, everybody was very kind, the race was fun and I hope to drive in Winterfest again soon. (Carlos Eduardo Harmel – SPEC E 30 #29 “Race into the Night” jan. 2016).

Carlos Eduardo Harmel

Homestead 2005, my solo check ride in the 03 Cobra, the Mustangs had successfully invaded the PBOC.

Ed Zerbe

First ever track day was Winterfest 2016. By far still my favorite run group to be a part of. I’ve had great instructors every time. I love the laid back attitude of the group.

Tom Panzarella

Started in 2003. Ever since SuperSolo, it has just been extra special. Great club, great drivers.

Trak Car

My family has been involved with Porsches for years and I always wanted the chance to learn how to drive them on the track. PBOC gave me that opportunity at DE events in Sebring and Homestead, and I couldn’t have had more fun! The instructors – like Orlando LaCalle – are fantastic; they’re patient, knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve learned so much from them and my time at the track with PBOC – I can’t wait for the next event!

Emmy Holman

I joined the PBOC in 2004. They will make your HPDE dreams come true.

Douglas Kerwin

PBOC is where I learned how to drive fast on track through its Drivers Ed program and then it made my dream of racing sports cars become a reality. As important, the racing is fun, fair and safe. I can trust the driver next to me. And the multi-marque racing on a variety of racing circuits offers diverse driving challenges. But PBOC is more than a racing club; it’s a community where my competitors are my friends. I’ve been running with PBOC for nearly 20 years and they have been filled with excitement and fun.

Ira Rosner

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