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About PBOC National, Inc.

PBOC National, Inc. started with an ideology of those who were active in High Performance Drivers Schools and in Club Racing at all levels but were not satisfied with either the politics of Marquee Racing or the excessive contact of professional racing. Originally for BMW’s and Porsches, there was also interest from other club racers and driving enthusiasts; therefore, we started including other marquees. Now, there is a place for just about any Marquee at PBOC.

Our philosophy is to maximize safety and fun while minimizing politics and unnecessary rules. The directors of PBOC have been putting on events for over 20 years. We now organize six events a year at tracks including Sebring, Homestead, Barber Motorsports Park, Road Atlanta, and others. The club has a membership of over 800 people.

PBOC only puts on driving events, and the weekends always consist of both high performance drivers’ school and racing. The emphasis is on having a fun, safe, family oriented weekend for driving enthusiasts. PBOC has the best safety record of any car club, and is known by the tracks as a safe organization.

We have recruited the best stewards, the best corner workers, and the best timing and scoring workers in the industry. We don’t do wine and cheese parties, concourse, or rallies. Our goal is to be the best driving club, not the largest.

The organization is very democratic and the schedule may be changed by driver vote. The registration is web based with credit card acceptance, so the registration process at the track always goes quick and easy; no long lines at the track. We usually can make arrangements with the track in order to allow the drop-off of trailers and set up paddock process of registrants the night before. Camping is allowed if approved by the track.

The racing is run under vintage rules, strongly discouraging car to car contact. However, the officials realize that this is racing and sometimes racing incidents occur. The officials have the ability to impose or not to impose penalties based on driver conduct and racer (and drivers ed) feedback. The largest weekend is at the end of January each year at Sebring and is known throughout the US as PBOC Winterfest™. Racers and driving enthusiasts come from all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

There is also a high performance driving school at each event. The driving schools include classroom instruction and in car instructors for all novice, intermediate and advanced students. Students with extensive experience can sign up for solo run groups, though we always encourage instruction and learning. Our highest level Drivers Education run group is know as Super Solo™

Super Solo™ was formed by PBOC National, Inc. as a group to accommodate the most experienced and competent DE drivers in the club. Our particular brand is, we believe, second-to-none and is considered by many to be the standard by which many other programs are formed.

Unlike most other programs, however, each Super Solo™ driver is vetted by the Director to ensure that they possess the advanced skills and knowledge to drive among, arguably, the best DE drivers in the country. We consider instructors and very advanced solo drivers from within PBOC as well as from other clubs to be ideal candidates for Super Solo™.

Super Solo™ and PBOC Winterfest™ are Trademarks of PBOC National, Inc.


PBOC National, Inc. was founded in 2005 by combining the experience of Bob Varela from Porsche Owners Club and Bob Turnage from BMWCCA and NASA.  With over thirty years’ experience as an SCCA Steward, in 2010, Pete Magnuson became the PBOC permanent Chief Steward and co-owner as well.

These three gentlemen have over 120 years of HPDE, Race driving and management experience among them.


May 2021, an agreement was reached with John Kim of Ohio, to purchase the Club and expand it to become PBOC National, INC.  John is an experienced HPDE driver and Racer and has organized many events in the northeast.  John is excited at the plans to expand membership and offer our Florida drivers access to additional tracks in the midwestern and northern regions.

While under new ownership, additional Director's Michael Merritt and Bob Turnage have joined and are all committed to continue the high standards, organizational, and safety experience for our events. PBOC Winterfest® 2023 is planned for January 18-22, 2023 at Sebring.  The May and September events are also on the 2023 calendar as well as the Road America and Watkins Glen, June and October, respectively.

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