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Hugh Wise

Born October 12, 1930.  At 87 years young, Hugh comes to all of our driving High Performance Driving Events with his 2006 E46 M3.  He bought that car new when he retired from the EPA.


Hugh’s history is rich in racing.  His first car was #74 Alfa Romero 1300 cc Giulietta.  He bought it in 19678 from Bob Grossman, President of the Road Racing Drivers Club and who was among the top 10 finishers in the Le Mans 24 hours for four years in a row.


He raced the car at Lime Rock and other local tracks.


His second race car was #67 Formula V.  He built it from a kit with the engine and suspension from a Volkswagen Beetle.  Hugh was so tall that he had to go to the factory and be fitted just so he could fit in the driver's seat. 


Then he moved to Chicago and bought an Elva Porsche #16 from Mike Rahal and raced with Rahal for many races including Road America in 1969.  Mike Rahal later bought a Porsche 906 which Hugh co-drove.  Hugh has remained friends with the Rahal family.


Hugh races the 12 hours of Sebring in 1969, 1970, and 1971.  1969 was the last year of the Le Mans start where the drivers start in the pits and run to their cars.  Even though Hugh was a professional baseball player and very athletic, the team owner elected to start the race.


Hugh had a career in college and professional baseball including the American Legion, Vanderbilt and semi-pro Iowa State. 


He signed with the Jacksonville Braves in 1953 where he played with Hank Aaron.  He spent 1953 through 1956 playing minor league baseball.


Though his goal was the majors, he decided when it was clear that he would not make the majors, he retired and went back to college to earn his Ph. D in chemistry.


His real career was in wastewater treatment and worked for the EPA from 1978 to 2005.


Hugh is consistently out on the track at every event and I have heard several instructors tell their students to follow the white BMW because they can learn from his line. 

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