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What is Super Solo™ You Ask?


Super Solo™ was formed by PBOC National, Inc. as a group to accommodate the most experienced and competent DE drivers in the club. Our particular brand is, we believe, second-to-none and is considered by many to be the standard by which many other programs are formed.

Unlike most other programs, however, each Super Solo™ driver is vetted by the Director to ensure that they possess the advanced skills and knowledge to drive among, arguably, the best DE drivers in the country. We consider instructors and very advanced solo drivers from within PBOC as well as from other clubs to be ideal candidates for Super Solo™.

The process to be admitted as a Certified Super Solo™ driver is straightforward: when you register for one of our Events, you register in your (current) appropriate group and, at the same time, request consideration for Super Solo™. That starts the process and shortly thereafter you will receive our Questionnaire via email. After you complete and return the Questionnaire, it is promptly evaluated by the Director and, if the qualifications and eligibility standards are met, you will be considered a Candidate for that next Event.

Once the Candidate successfully completes these requirements, they are assigned a permanent Super Solo™ number and advances into the group as a Provisional for three events. After driving three events without incident, the driver becomes Certified Super Solo™.

You may direct any inquiries you have regarding Super Solo™ directly to the Director, John Kim at

Super Solo™ is a Trademark of PBOC National, Inc.

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