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PBOC Motorsports Club was founded in 2005 by combining the experience of Bob Varela from Porsche Owners Club and Bob Turnage from BMWCCA and NASA.  With over thirty years experience as an SCCA Steward, in 2010, Pete Magnuson became the PBOC permanent Chief Steward and co-owner as well.

These three gentlemen have over 120 years of HPDE, Race driving, and management experience among them.


This May 2021, an agreement was reached with John Kim of Ohio, to purchase the Club and expand it to become PBOC National, LLC.  John is an experienced HPDE driver and Racer and has organized many events in the northeast.  John is excited at the plans to expand membership and offer our Florida drivers access to additional tracks in the midwestern and northern regions.


While under new ownership, you will continue to see the familiar faces of Bob Varela, Bob Turnage, Joanne Schwarzmann (Turnage), and Pete and Barb Magnuson at events over the next year as we transition and train the next generation of motorsports enthusiasts. Some of you saw new faces at Registration in May at Sebring including Mark and Emily Piety.


While ownership is changing, John Kim is committed to continuing the high standards, organizational, and a safe experience for all our events. PBOC Winterfest® 2022 is planned for January 19-23, 2022 at Sebring.  The May and September events are also on the 2022 calendar.  More dates at various tracks will be announced as well.


PBOC Motorsports Club, Inc. is pleased to be able to “pass the torch” to new ownership PBOC National, LLC and looks forward to seeing all our driving enthusiast friends at future events.


If you have any questions about this new venue, you can contact:


John Kim at


Bob Turnage at


Joanne Schwarzmann at

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